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We are passionate about creating life-sized and life-like animatronic dinosaur. Loved by both kids and adults, our animatronic dinosaur generate great excitement where they go. Will take you back to 650 million years! READ MORE

Dinosaur Costume

Amongst exhibition, there should be something interactive with kids. Dinosaur Costume is best option, which has realistic appearance, smooth movements, vivid roaring sound! Exciting & Amazing & Easy to play!!!READ MORE

Dinosaur fossil replica

According to scientific data, restoring life-size dinosaur skeleton (Replica). All fossil replica is made by fiberglass. Excellent museum exhibits! Using at indoor and we can make the dinosaur skeletons stand or lay before you!READ MORE

Zigong Kawah Handicrafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been an integral part of the animatronic products industries since 2011. Our Company proudly keeps sharp growing after 5-year business of simulation dinosaurs. We are well-known in China regarding realistic dinosaurs products over these years and we are making great efforts to be subsequently best-known throughout the world by the high standard handicraft which is on behalf of animatronic products including like animatronic dinosaurs, animatronic animals and animatronic insects to name a few.

Our Company proudly keeps sharp growing after 5-year business of simulation dinosaurs.


Shining star--- Kawah Walking Dinosaur Costume

Kawah Factory specialized in Lifelike Adult realistic t rex costume for events...


Kawah Amusement park walking animatronics dinosaur clothes

Kawah Factory specialized in walking animatronics dinosaur clothes for events We...


Shopping mall electric dinosaur cartoon...

Kawah Manufacture Shopping mall electric dinosaur cartoon rides with coin operated for kids Electric dinosaur scooters in indoor


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